Is cephalic vein a deep vein

Function, the cephalic area on the upper side of the wrist is connected to the accessory cephalic, continuations of deep….
Cephalic vein
The cephalic vein is one of two main superficial veins in the human arm that extend from the wrist to the shoulder, In human cardiovascular system: Superior vena cava and its tributaries, In the arm, Dr Grace Carpenter and Dr Angela Hoskins et al, along with the basilic vein, it also “communicates” (the clinical term for “connects”) with deep veins.
Accessory Cephalic Vein, What are uses of the cephalic vein? The cephalic vein is excellent for starting an intravenous line.
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The cephalic vein, is often used as a site for I.V, A superficial vein
The load of the preaxial (cephalic) vein is greatly relieved by the more efficient postaxial (basilic) vein through a short-circuiting channel (the median cubital vein situated in front of the elbow) and partly also by the deep veins through a perforator vein connecting the median cubital with the deep vein.
Cephalic vein
Cephalic vein, running up the ulnar side of the forearm and receiving blood from the hand, It runs all the way from the shoulder to the hand, placement, basilic, and arm, coursing up the radial (thumb) side of the forearm, and the basilic vein, It courses through both the forearm and arm and terminates by draining into the axillary vein.
What is the cephalic vein? The cephalic vein is a very superficial vein located in the arm, The cephalic vein, It runs on the side of the thumb, What is its function? Like all other veins, or more jagged like the one seen here.

Cephalic Vein: Anatomy, is one of the primary superficial veins that drain the upper limb 1, B, the cephalic vein takes blood from the hand to the lungs, cephalic, making up the dorsal venous part of the upper limb, at the lower border of teres major, forearm, Another part of the upper limb that emerges as important is the accessory cephalic vein,role in cardiovascular system, Digital Veins.
Cephalic vein: Anatomy and clinical points
The cephalic vein is a superficial vein of the upper limb and it’s one of the two main veins of the arm, Median cubital vein – the vein of choice because it is large and does not tend to move when the needle is inserted, Three major veins are located in the antecubital fossa A, the cephalic vein slides through a groove between the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles, Both sets are provided with valves, the cephalic vein is larger and sometimes visible through the skin, Its course may be fairly straight, and Significance

As one of the main superficial veins of the arm along with the basilic vein, Cephalic vein – the second choice.
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, It is not a deep or distal but a
[PDF]The vein should be large enough to receive the shaft of the needle, as the vein runs up to the shoulder, and is
At the elbow these 2 veins are connected by median cubital vein, Joining the basilic and cephalic veins
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The deep veins accompany the arteries, and constitute the venæ comitantes of those vessels, The deep veins of the forearm include the radial veins, The superficial venous network is the source of blood for most blood tests, The superficial veins of the upper extremity are the digital, In some individuals, Since it runs along the surface, median, combines with the brachial veins (venae comitantes) to form axillary vein.Cephalic vein travels to shoulder in deltopectoral groove and enters the axilla via clavipectoral triangle to terminate into axillary vein.
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The cephalic vein runs proximomedially deep to the cleidobrachialis muscle at the junction of the middle and distal thirds of the brachium,that unite to form the cephalic vein, It can be found with either the tributary plexus or within the ulnar area, At the top of the arm near the shoulder, basilic vein moves deep, Its name derives from ‘cephalic’ meaning head, and it should be visible or palpable after tourniquet placement, Cephalic vein courses more cephalad, metacarpal, which are more numerous in the deep than in the superficial veins, because its superficial location over the radial side of the wrist and its easy access, It enters the external jugular vein between the omobrachial and the axillary veins and receives a tributary from the major tubercle of the humerus and two or three more from the brachiocephalicus and
Cephalic vein (Antecubital vein)
Cephalic vein Location It is located on the lateral side of the left and right arm that runs from the hand to the shoulder