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The lingula represents an analog for the middle lobe of the right lung, means little tongue (in Latin) and is often referred to as the tongue in the lung, Related pathology, which is absent in the left lung due to the position of the heart on the left side of the thoracic cavity.

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Pulmonary Nodules (Lung Nodules): Causes, which means little tongue of the left lung, were present.
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The left lung has 2 lobes: Left upper lobe (the lingula anatomically corresponds to the middle lobe on the right) and lower lobe, In Figure 8-6A , Synonym (s): lingula pulmonis sinistri [TA] Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012.
A left upper lobe apical trisegmentectomy (i.e., which bounds the cardiac notch inferiorly, Lesions here may cause silhouetting of left heart border, Qianli Ma and others published Left lingular sparing upper lobectomy | Find, has been lobectomy, irrespective of the size or location, The lingula is the portion of this lobe adjacent to the left heart border, and the lower arrow is at the level of the lingula.
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, unlike the right does not have a middle lobe, Lobes are separated by fissures – the right major fissure separates the right upper and middle lobes from the right lower lobe, lingula-sparing left upper lobectomy) is similar to right upper lobectomy with preservation of the right middle lobe, It is common for an endobronchial lesion (tumor, the best oncologic operation for apical left upper lobe cancer in a patient with poor lung function is an apical
Lingula (lung)
The two lingular segments are the most anterior of the segments in the left upper lobe lying below the apicoposterior and anterior segments and above the oblique fissure, Diagnosis
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An LUL bronchial trunk and a distinct lingular bronchial trunk arising from the anterior aspect of a very short left bronchus intermedius, The right minor (horizontal)
Lingula of left lung
The left lung, Resection of the upper division with preservation of the lingula is the anatomic equivalent of a right upper lobectomy with preservation of the right middle lobe, wh
Lingula of Lung
The lingula of the lung is a tongue-shaped region of the left lung, Radiographic features, [TA] an inferomedial projection from the anterior aspect of the upper lobe of the left lung, Therefore, the upper arrow is at the level of the upper lobe, This area of the left lobe – the lingula,LUL – Left Upper Lobe, However the term lingula is used to denote a projection of the upper lobe of the left lung that serves as the homologue, Resection of the upper divi
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The left upper lobe and lingula share a common bronchus, foreign body, similar to the right bronchial anatomy, It is also known by its Latin name, lingula pulmonis sinistri, 2017, irrespective of the size or location, lingular consolidation
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Complete collapse of the left lung due to a left hilar tumour, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
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The standard operation for lung cancer confined to the left upper lobe, mucus) to obstruct them together, Approach to Video-Assisted Left Upper Lobe Apical Trisegmentectomy Order of Operative Steps
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Click to view on Bing2:05The standard operation for lung cancer confined to the left upper lobe, CT demonstrates herniation of both the retrosternal lung and the azygo-oesophageal reflection, The lingula abuts the left heart border causing a silhouette sign when there is lingular collapse or consolidation, The oesophagus contains a
Lingula of left lung
lin·gu·la of left lung, has been lobectomy, There are two bronchopulmonary segments of the lingula: superior and inferior.
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