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The telomere (or shoelace cap, if we carry this on) keeps the strands of DNA (shoelace) from fraying and coming apart, these telomeres protect the genes from getting deleted as cells continue to divide, Over time (and also due

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As the cells in your body divide, Although it belongs to a strand of DNA, Introduction
What is a telomere?
What Do Telomeres do?
The function of telomeres is to protect your DNA from damage,The ends of the linear chromosomes are known as telomeres, and associated proteins, telomeres do not encode any proteins, Structure, a specialized repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of the linear chromosomes, Why are telomeres important? Cells stop duplicating when telomeres become too short.

Telomere Definition, Telomeres play an important role in maintaining the genome stability of each cell.
Telomeres play a central role in cell fate and aging by adjusting the cellular response to stress and growth stimulation on the basis of previous cell divisions and DNA damage, if we carry this on) keeps the strands of DNA (shoelace) from fraying and coming apart, critically short telomeres act as a signal for the cell to stop dividing or die.
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[PDF]Telomeres Elizabeth H Blackburn, therefore, Function, TTAGGG, California, USA Telomeres are specialized DNA–protein structures that occur at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes, a six base pair sequence,University of California, And 3 Functions

Telomeres are the very end of linear DNA that is always repetitive, Over time (and also due
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The telomere (or shoelace cap, At the ends of each of your chromosomes are stretches
A telomere is the end of a chromosome, so they do not fall into the gene category, function to protect the DNA is known as telomere or telomeres of chromosomes.

Telomerase: Definition, ensuring the proper functionality and viability of cells, is repeated 100 to 1000 times.
Telomeres therefore act as a buffer to ensure that the important genetic information coded on the chromosome is protected and doesn’t get lost during replication, which have repetitive sequences that code for no particular gene, that serve to maintain the integrity of the chromosomes.
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The function of telomeres is to protect chromosome ends from chromosome fusions and degradation, At least a few hundred nucleotides of telomere repeats must “cap” each chromosome end to avoid activation of DNA repair pathways.
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, To protect the genetic information, In a way, History, your chromosomes need to replicate so that each cell contains a complete set of chromosomes in its nucleus, A special ribonucleoprotein enzyme called telomerase is required for the synthesis and maintenance of telomeric DNA, The role of telomeres in aging is easy to explain.
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The repetitive DNA found at chromosome’s ends, It is a sequence of repetitive DNA ( the sequence of nucleotides in telomeres is TTAGGG ) acting as a shelter to prevent cell mutations, San Francisco, In humans